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Get rid of your headaches. Take control with VisitNinja, your On-Site Visitor Management System in Aged Care!


Visitor Management in Aged Care

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Visitor Management in Aged Care


Screen your visitors by asking them a series of yes/no questions to determine if they are a safety risk to your residents, staff and other visitors.


Regulations might require that your visitors sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), agree to site policies, etc. Customise the sign-in process to meet your needs.

Instant Alerts

Notify employees, managers or security when visitors enter the building. No more time consuming phone calls trying to locate team members.


No need to capture data manually from paper logs. When visitors sign in, their information is saved securely to the cloud.


Keep everyone in the building safe with real-time alerts, should an emergency evacuation be required.


Protect your visitor data and privacy in line with recent changes to worldwide privacy regulations.


We capture and store information safely and securely in line with GDPR and POPI Act requirements, so you don't have to.

Visitor Management in Aged Care

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