SMS Queue Management

Retailers around the world have to comply with visitor limitations during the pandemic and beyond. Promoting social distancing efforts is a top priority, made easier with our simple and affordable SMS Queue Management System, which lets your customers queue on their own terms. No more waiting out in the cold, in the rain, or around other potentially infected people.

Visitor experience

Avoid impacting your visitors' experience with an uncomfortable, inconvenient wait, rather virtually queue your customers for a better experience

no queue buildup

Banish the line in front of your store. Customers wait on their own terms: shopping elsewhere or in the comfort of their vehicle

safety & compliance

With regulated capacity in mind, reducing waiting visitors boasts compliance and safety measures with the SMS Queue System.


Measure and manage the flow of customers in and out of your store. Use this information to build trends and match staff complement to busy times.

Enter The Queue

Visitors check-in with a team member at your store entrance. They will provide their name and mobile number to join the virtual queue, after answering screening questions (if required). Once in the queue, your visitors receive an SMS which includes a link to manage their queueing experience – and view queue status – in real time.

Socially Distant

Virtual queueing makes social distancing even more effective by removing the waiting line in front of your store.

No Touch Solution

Visitors needn’t touch a thing to join the queue - it is all managed by your concierge team member.

Fair Queueing

Transparency throughout the queueing process promotes an air of fairness with the SMS Queue Management System

Queueing Status

Visitors are able to view the queue length, their position in the queue, and their estimated waiting time using the link sent to them by SMS.

Not Ready?

If visitors are unavailable when called, visitors can park themselves, to be called again later.

Manage Your Queue

The same device which is used to add visitors to the queue is used to call visitors to enter the store. Should a visitor not arrive when called, they are parked in the queue to be called again later, and are informed of this by SMS. Additionally, visitors will receive an SMS when they are a few positions from the front of the queue, so they may start making their way to the store.

SMS Notifications

Visitors are automatically updated about their queue status by SMS.

Advanced Integration

Our basic Queue-at-the-Door system is capable of integrating with a more advanced system in your environment. Tickets can be forwarded to queues inside your premises, where staff members call and assist customers in the order in which they joined the queue. Speak to us to learn more.

IMPORTANT - Add Pre-screening to your Visitor Management or Cloud Queue Management solutions

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