Pre-screen visitors arriving at your facility using the Visitor Management System or Queue Management System in place at your reception desk. This innovative COVID-19 Pre-Screening add-on to all the VisitNinja solutions offers greater peace of mind for staff and visitors.


Screen your visitors by asking them a series of yes/no questions to determine if they are a safety risk to your staff and other visitors.

Instant Alerts

Notify employees, managers or security when visitors enter the building or are flagged as a potential risk to your business.


Visitor information is saved instantly and securely to the cloud. Records include the date and timestamp, as well as visitor information.

QR Code or Website URL

Use QR Codes or website URLs to encourage visitors to use their own devices to contribute towards flattening the curve.

How it works

Visitors are presented with a tablet or QR Code at the sign-in point. They are prompted with a few Pre-Screening questions to evaluate the risk they pose to the facility. When a risk is shown, management is alerted and they can take the necessary steps. When no risk is posed, visitors are presented with our normal visitor sign in screen to provide details relating to their visit to enter the building. 

Covid-19 Pre-Screening

The assessment will take about 1 minute to complete and will be used only for the purpose of providing the next steps in obtaining healthcare based on your identified coronavirus (COVID-19) risk level. Responses are anonymous, and strictly confidential.

T&C'S, Health & Safety, NDA

Present your visitor with digital agreements to read, accept and sign to keep each party safe.

Capture details

Visitors are required to provide their details as well as select who they are visiting.


Management is notified when a visitors risk level is deemed not safe to enter. The relevant employee is notified instantly about who is there to visit them, and where they are waiting.

Notify & Log

Digitizing the process means there’s no more guesswork. Keep a detailed record of every visitor.

Employee Notifications

Employees receive a personalized text message in real-time when their visitor enters the building or is flagged as a potential risk.

Detailed logs

Complete records of every person that entered and exited your facility promotes safety, security, and ensures compliance with local legislative guidelines, if required.

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